Monday, April 15, 2024

RIP - Larry Brown

Larry Brown, the Indians' shortstop in the 1960s, passed away on April 13, 2024 at age 84.
Brown joined the Indians in July 1963, and started half the remaining games at shortstop. 
In 1964 he started half the games at 2nd base, as Dick Howser started all but one game at shortstop. Brown was the primary shortstop from 1965-66, starting just over half the games in that time. 
He was the full-time shortstop from 1967-68, starting 150 games each season. In 1969 he started almost every game through mid-July, then was replaced by Eddie Leon. Brown lost the shortstop job to Jack Heidemann in 1970. 
Larry started the first 13 games in 1971, then was sold to the Athletics, where he was an infield reserve through the 1972 season.  He played his final 2 seasons with the Orioles ('73) and Rangers ('74).

I visited the team's website to see if there was any mention of Brown's passing. (No!) 

I also found it ridiculous that on their team Hall of Fame page, they mention "the greatest Cleveland Guardians of all time", (referring to Bob Feller, Rocky Colavito, and all the rest). Not once was the name "Indians" mentioned. Those past players played for the INDIANS, not the GUARDIANS!


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