Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Famous Eagle Scouts

I found a list of notable Eagle Scouts on Wikipedia. Here is a shorter list of sports figures, and others I have heard of. 
Most surprising is Albert Belle. It's not like an Eagle Scout to attempt running down trick-or-treaters with your car.
Name			Known for		Year
Ozzie Nelson		Actor/Band leader	1920
Sheldon Leonard		Actor/Director	        1923
William Hanna		Hanna-Barbera		1924
L. Ron Hubbard		Author			1924
Gerald Ford		Politician		1927
William Westmoreland    Army general		1930
Ewing Kauffman		MLB exec		1931
Robert McNamara		Politician		1932
Sam Walton		Walmart founder		1934
Lloyd Bentsen		Politician		1938
Bill Gates Sr.		B. Gates Jr father	1941
John Ehrlichman		Politician		1942
H.R. Haldeman		Politician		1942
Jim Lovell		Astronaut		1943
Ross Perot		Politician		1943
Ray Malavasi		NFL coach		1944
Neil Armstrong		Astronaut		1947
Michael Dukakis		Politician		1949
Donald Rumsfeld		Politician		1949
Jim Mora                NFL coach               1950
Roger Chaffee		Astronaut		1951
Pat Gillick		MLB exec		1951
Maxie Baughan	        NFL player		1952
Lamar Alexander		Politician		1954
James Brady		Politician		1955
Dick Gephart		Politician		1955
Tom Matte		NFL player		1955
Tom Mack		NFL player		1960
Steven Speilberg	Director		1961
Beasley Reece		NFL player		1967
John Tesh		TV / Radio		1968
Michael Moore		Director		1970
Ken Whisenhunt		NFL coach		1976
Mike Rowe		TV - Dirty Jobs		1979
Albert Belle		MLB player		1981
Zack Galifianakas	Actor			1986
Shane Victorino		MLB player		1996

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