Saturday, June 26, 2021

RIP - Dwight Siebler

Dwight Siebler, who pitched briefly for the Twins in the mid-1960s, passed away on June 16, 2021. He was 83.
After playing for the University of Nebraska (where he pitched a no-hitter in 1957) Siebler began his pro career in the Phillies' organization in 1959. 
He was acquired by the Twins late in the 1963 season, and pitched in a handful of games each season from 1963-65. 
Most of his playing time came during 1966, when he pitched 23 games, mostly in relief. It was the only season he was not also in the minors. 
Siebler only pitched 2 games for the Twins in 1967, both in April. They primarily used only 10 pitchers that year: Dean Chance, Dave Boswell, Ron Kline, Al Worthington, and 6 guys named Jim
Siebler retired after spending most of 1967 in the minors. 

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