Saturday, May 27, 2023

RIP - Vida Blue

Vida Blue, who pitched for the Athletics, Giants, and Royals from 1969-86, passed away on May 9, 2023 at age 73.
Blue pitched briefly for the A's in 1969 and 1970, then made the team permanently in 1971. That season he won the Cy Young and MVP awards, while leading the league in ERA (1.82) and shutouts (8). He also won 24 games, and made his first of 6 All-Star teams. He won 20 or more games in '71, '73, and '75. and pitched in the post-season every year from 1971 to 1975. 
In mid-June 1976 he was sold to the Yankees, but the deal was voided by the league 2 days later. In 9 seasons with the A's, he compiled a 124-86 record. 
In March 1978 he was traded to the Giants for SEVEN players. In his 4 seasons with the Giants he won 18, 14, 14, and 8 games. 
Blue was traded to the Royals in March 1982 for 4 players. He was 13-12 in 1982, but only posted a record of 0-5 in 19 games in 1983, leading to his release in early-August. 
After being out of baseball in 1984, the Giants signed him in April 1985, and he posted records of 8-8 and 10-10 over the next 2 seasons. 
Blue returned to the Athletics in January 1987 but retired the following month. In 17 seasons, he pitched in 502 games (473 starts). 

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