Saturday, July 3, 2021

RIP - Scott Reid

Scott Reid, an outfielder who played a handful of games for the Phillies from 1969-70, passed away on June 29, 2021 at age 74.
Reid was one of the Phillies' late-1960s' prospects, but his career never really got off the ground in the majors. But he sure was a sought-after prospect! Check out his draft history: 
- Athletics - Jun 1965 
- Mets - Jan 1966 
- Indians - Jun 1966 
- Mets (again) - Jan 1967 
- Phillies - Jun 1967 
He played in the Phillies' farm system from 1967-73, but only appeared in a few dozen games for the Phillies - 13 games in a September '69 call-up, and 12 games in a September '70 call-up. Between those 2 stints, he also played 13 games in late-May/early-June 1970, including starting 5 games in center field during one week.
After his playing career he was a scout for the Phillies, Cubs, and Marlins. Later he was a VP for the Marlins and Tigers.