Sunday, January 3, 2021

2020 - Re-cap

Here are the players I featured in 2020:
Not very many, but I'm running out of gas (and cards)

1960s' players who left us in 2020:
(Seaver, Johnstone, and McDaniel from COVID-19)


And a very long list from outside the baseball world:

David Stern (NBA)
Neil Peart
Ed Byrnes
Buck Henry
Terry Jones (Monty Python)
Jim Lehrer
Kobe Bryant
Jack Burns (Burns & Schreiber)
Fred Silverman
Kirk Douglas
Robert Conrad
Orson Bean
Ja'Net DuBois
James Lipton
Max Von Sydow
Stuart Whitman
Lyle Waggoner
Kenny Rogers
Curley Neal
Bill Withers
*Adam Schlesinger
*Tom Dempsey
Honor Blackman
James Drury
*John Prine
Linda Tripp
Pete Retzlaff
Stirling Moss
Brian Dennehy
Mike Curtis
Sam Lloyd (Scrubs)
Don Shula
*Roy Horn (Siegfried & Roy)
Little Richard
Jerry Stiller
Astrid Kircherr
Phyllis George
Fred Willard
Ken Osmond
*Annie Glenn
Wes Unseld
Kurt Thomas (gymnast)
Bonnie Pointer
Jean Kennedy Smith
Carl Reiner
Benny Mardones
Hugh Downs
Charlie Daniels
Kelly Preston
Regis Philbin
Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac)
Olivia de Haviland
Wilford Brimley
Wayne Fontana
*Trini Lopez
Ben Cross
Kevin Dobson
Shere Hite
Diana Rigg
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Gale Sayers
Mac Davis
Helen Reddy
Margaret Nolan
Johnny Nash
Eddie Van Halen
Tom Kennedy (game show host)
Rhonda Fleming
Spencer Davis
Marge Champion
Herb Adderley
Ed Hurst
Sean Connery
Geoffrey Palmer
Len Barry
Norm Crosby
Alex Trebek
Paul Hornung
Abby Dalton
Rafer Johnson
David Lander
Chuck Yeager
Ann Reinking
Charlie Pride
Chad Stuart (Chad & Jeremy)
*K.T. Oslin
K.C. Jones
Pierre Cardin
*Dawn Wells
Dick Thornburgh

* COVID-19

Also: Football deaths in 2020 


Douglas said...

I remember Bob Oliver from KC days. He used a dark brown bat. As a kid when I asked for a bigger bat, my dad got me a brown one. So I had to pretend I was Bob Oliver. Interestingly George Sprig is shown with a brown bat too. Makes me wonder if that is Oliver in the picture.

Jim from Downingtown said...

Except that Oliver is righthanded.

Maybe Spriggs borrowed Oliver's bat, hoping to get better results than he had with his own bats. LOL