Friday, December 13, 2019

1969 Phillies - Games per Position

  Wrapping up the series I started on November 8th, here is a breakdown of the 1969 Phillies team. Using information from a chart I recently discovered at, I have come up with sort of a depth-chart below. In each section, a dotted line separates the "main players" from the others.

As an added bonus, for the first two columns only:
   yellow indicates the player has a Phillies card in this year's set
   orange indicates the player is on a Rookie Stars card in this year's set
   blue indicates the player has a non-Phillies card in this year's set
   white indicates no card in this year's set

Had a Phillies card this year, but was not on the team: Clay Dalrymple

The Phillies only made two in-season trades in 1969 (2 more than in 1968!)
5/5 - Traded Don Lock to the Red Sox for outfielder Bill Schlesinger.
9/6 - Traded Gary Wagner to the Red Sox for pitcher Mike Jackson.

The first 13 non-pitchers on the list above (plus Vic Roznovsky) were with the team for the entire season. Everyone else was just taking their turn filling Don Lock's roster spot following his early-May trade.

Chris Short was the team's Opening Day starter. After one more start (4/15), he missed the remainder of the season with injuries.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

RIP - John Strohmayer

John Stromayer, a relief pitcher for the Expos and Mets in the early-1970s, passed away on November 28, 2019 at age 73.

Strohmayer was signed by the Athletics in 1968, and made his major-league debut with the Expos in 1970. He pitched in 134 games for the Expos over a 3 1/2 year period.

He also played for the Mets in parts of 1973 and 1974, his career ended by a shoulder injury.

From 1976 to 2009, Strohmayer was a school teacher, principal, and finally superintendent in the California school district where he attended as a boy.

He retired in 2009 after he and 14 other school employees won the lottery.

Wikipedia page (no full obituary found)