Friday, January 10, 2014

1960s Blog Hall of Fame (#5)

Time again for the semi-annual 1960s Blog Hall of Fame Election!

Last time, Dick Allen was the only player inducted, joining the other 21 members in the Hall. Candidates receiving less than 15% of the vote (Maury Wills, Joe Torre) were dropped from the ballot.

The following 9 players are the holdovers from the last ballot:
Jim Bunning
Rod Carew
Orlando Cepeda
Whitey Ford
Roger Maris
Eddie Mathews
Ron Santo
Warren Spahn
Billy Williams

A write-in feature was added last time, but only one of the 16 voters used it, so I am removing it from the ballot.  Instead, 7 players have been added to the ballot this time.

These 4 are returning, after being dropped following the first ballot:
Lou Brock
Norm Cash
Ferguson Jenkins
Tony Oliva

Also added to the ballot for the first time are:
Frank Howard
Dave McNally
Boog Powell

You can vote for up to 8 of the 16 players on the ballot. Candidates selected by 75% of the voters will be inducted.  Those receiving less than 15% will be removed from the next ballot.

Here is the voting history for all the current candidates:
I have brought back some of the players who were dropped after the first ballot, since that ballot had different voting rules than all subsequent ballots.  The first time around, the top vote-getter at each position was inducted, regardless of percentage, and all candidates had to compete with the likes of Sandy Koufax, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, etc. (Players dropped after ballot #2 and later will probably not return on a future ballot, since their low percentage was achieved under the current voting rules.)

Click on the "hall of fame ballot" label below to see the results of all previous elections.