Friday, July 26, 2013

1960s Blog Hall of Fame Results (#4)

16 ballots were cast, with Dick Allen being the lone inductee this time.

Allen never dipped below 70% during the entire election, and was the only candidate who spent any time at or above 75% after the first 5 ballots were cast. (The closest anyone else came was Billy Williams, at 71% after the 7th ballot.)

Allen joins the 20 players and 1 manager already in the Hall:

Besides Allen, the only candidate whose stock rose this time was 500-homer club member Eddie Mathews, slightly increasing his share from 59% to 63%.

Everyone else on the ballot slipped, but kept their "same order of finish" from the previous election. Warren Spahn, Billy Williams, Whitey Ford, Rod Carew, and Orlando Cepeda all saw their share decrease by 9% (actually 14% for Ford), while Jim Bunning, Roger Maris, and Ron Santo each dropped by 4%.

This was the first time write-in slots were on the ballot, and I was kind of surprised that only one voter used them. With only 6% of the vote, write-in candidates Gary Peters and Joel Horlen will not get slots on the next ballot. 

Maury Wills and Joe Torre will also be dropped from the next ballot, as they did not get the minimum 15% of the vote.  (Although Wills was listed in the poll as receiving 18%, one voter selected seven candidates (instead of the maximum of six), so their 7th player selected (Wills) was disallowed.)

Congratulations to Crash Allen!

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