Saturday, July 13, 2013

1967 Scrapbook - The All-Star Game

Here's another installment in an occasional series called "1967 Scrapbook". In 2011 I found a baseball scrapbook I had made in 1967, containing photos that I clipped from the Philadelphia sports pages that summer. Most of the photos are from the previous night's Phillies' game.

Here is what I found worthy of saving back in 1967 regarding the All-Star game, a 15-inning affair in Anaheim.

After 14 straight starting assignments (dating back to 1957), Willie Mays is an all-star reserve.

Tony Conigliaro played the entire game in right field.  A month later he was beaned, changing the course of his once-promising career.

Orlando Cepeda (who played the entire game at 1st base) runs out of room.

Tony Oliva sends the NL bench scattering with an airborne bat.  Reds' 2nd baseman Tommy Helms is 2nd from the right.

FIFTY-ONE at-bats for the NL!

Tony Perez and Richie Allen celebrate the NL victory. Allen started at 3rd base, and was replaced by Perez.  They each hit one of the two NL home runs.  Perez' dinger won the game in the 15th inning.


Commishbob said...

Brooks batting lead off. I bet that hadn't happened more than once.

Jim from Downingtown said...

It seems that Carew's skillset would be more suited to leading off, with Robby batting 3rd, behind Oliva.

Commishbob said...

true, and I just noticed 2 other things.....that Catfish went 5 innings.... and a 15 inning All Star game was done in 3:41. Them guys didn't fool around.

Douglas said...

I remember Carew having terrible all-star games up until 1978, when he lead off and got 2 consecutive triples.