Saturday, July 21, 2012

1960s Blog Hall of Fame (#2)

Tomorrow is the 2012 MLB Hall of Fame induction ceremony.  I will be tuning in to see people pay tribute to Ron Santo (not much of a Barry Larkin fan). Since it's Hall of Fame weekend, I'm dusting off my (semi-annual) 1960s Hall of Fame ballot.

Last time, 15 players and 1 manager were selected by readers of this blog. Candidates receiving less than 15% of the vote last time have been dropped from the ballot (but may appear another time). The remaining players have been joined by a few new names that the selection committee (?) forgot to include last time.

The candidates can be found at the top of this sidebar. Vote for no more than 8 names. The ballot remains open until August 31st, then candidates receiving 75% of the vote will be inducted on September 1st (roster expansion day).

Feel free to comment with your recollections of any of the nominees (or about who you voted for).

1 comment:

Jim from Downingtown said...

Wow! Dick Allen with 10 votes on the 12 ballots so far.

Rest assured, there's no in-house ballot-box stuffing going on. I voted once, and as much as I had planned to vote for Allen, I thought 8 others were ahead of him.

As you were...