Tuesday, October 13, 2020

RIP - Joe Morgan

Today I read a couple of half-assed obituary posts by the same baseball card blogger. 
On Eddie Van Halen: 
"Getting the sad news out of the way first. RIP Eddie Van Halen." 
And then he went on to other baseball card topics as usual. 
"Out of the way"? That's your tribute? No personal recollections of being a fan, or maybe of having seen his shows? Why even bother? 
It gets even worse for his Joe Morgan obit: 
"Lost another one today. RIP" 
That's it? Not even a mention of his name? No cursory baseball card from the many that can be found on the internet? Were you a fan of him as a player, or of the Reds? Or did you just know of him as a talking head announcer? 
He didn't even have another topic to dive into. Just 5 lazy words. Show some respect dude, or don't bother. 
(It's not like you are breaking the news for us.) 

(Ahh, I shouldn't criticize other bloggers. Underperforming baseball players, yes. Topps, yes. Bloggers, no.) 


Joe Morgan passed away on October 11, 2020 at age 77.

As everyone knows, he played the majority of his career with the Astros and Reds. What I had forgotten was that he returned to the Astros for one year (1980), when his team met the Phillies in the NLCS. 

He later played for the Giants, Phillies, and Athletics. While with the Phillies in 1983, he was reunited with Pete Rose and Tony Perez. 

I also didn't realize that in recent years he was working for the Reds. 

Cincinnati Enquirer obituary 

New York Times obituary 

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Rumpleforeskin said...

Very well said. This is why I come to your pages because I know that you care and provide some interesting information that I may not have known. And your personal recollections really make for a better read. Thank you for what you do and please keep it up.