Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2018 Re-cap

Here are the players I featured in 2018:

1960s' players who left us in 2018:

Unlike in recent years, there was no late-December flurry of departures. Only 1 (Pete Lovrich) occurred after Willie McCovey on 10/31.

And from outside the baseball world:
Jerry Van Dyke
Keith Jackson
Bradford Dillman
Dorothy Malone
Dennis Edwards
Vic Damone
Marty Allen
Billy Graham
Nanette Fabray
David Ogden Stiers
Roger Bannister
Stephen Hawking
Susan Anspach
Harry Anderson
Barbara Bush
Bruno Sammartino
Verne Troyer
Margot Kidder
Clint Walker
Anthony Bourdain
Matt "Guitar" Murphy
Tab Hunter
Charlotte Rae
Stan Mikita
Aretha Franklin
Robin Leach
John McCain
Neil Simon
Burt Reynolds
Tommy McDonald
Charles Aznevour
Jim Taylor
Stan Lee
Roy Clark
George H.W. Bush
Ken Berry (Mayberry RFD)
Nancy Wilson (jazz singer)
Penny Marshall

See also: 1965-1975 era football players who passed in 2018


Old Cards said...

Sad to see these guys go, but I will never tire of seeing them immortalized on their 60's cards. BTY, just looked on your post on 12-12-18 for the 10 year vets. Seeing all these 60's cards lined up brings me pleasure. So many of the blogs seem to focus on the 70's or even later. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place. Thanks for posting the great 60's cards.

Jim from Downingtown said...

Thank you Bill.

As you can see from my sidebar, I have blogs for each set from 1965 to 1970, and also occasionally post to my 1963 blog.

Also football cards for '67, '68, '71, and '72.

That is the era of cards (and baseball itself, really) that interests me the most.