Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Orioles Starting Pitchers of the late 1960s

Oh, have I mentioned that the Orioles were my favorite American League team in the mid/late 1960s?

I recently posted Steve Barber's card on my 1966 blog, and it made me want to do this:

Here are their top 4 starting pitchers from 1965 (making-do with 1966 cards):

In 1966, they traded Milt Pappas to the Reds, and won the World Series without him.

To look at the 1967 card set, you would think this was the Orioles' rotation:

But due to a sore-arm epidemic, it turned out to be this:

By 1968, Dave McNally regained his earlier form (although Jim Palmer was still rehabbing):

Mike Cuellar joined the team in 1969, giving the O's their best rotation since 1966:

This is one of the four multi-player cards in the 1969 set.  Before the season, Palmer's comeback was still considered questionable, so he missed this photo op:

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