Saturday, August 10, 2013

1964 Topps Coins

I picked up these 1964 Topps coins while out on a recent antiques expedition with Mrs. Jim from Downingtown.

My only prior coin in this set is Phillies' 2nd baseman Tony Taylor. The 1964 coin set includes two types of coins - "regular", and all-stars, with some of the same players appearing on both. These are actually before my (childhood collecting) time, although I do have a few 1971 coins from back in the day.

I've now doubled my "Warren Spahn collection", having recently acquired his 1964 Topps giant card.

It occurs to me that the only sports "cards" I have bought since 2010 are oddballs like these coins, about a dozen 1964 Topps giant cards, and some early-1960s Philadelphia Eagles.

I've sworn off buying/collecting current-issue cards (for a variety of reasons), and only collect vintage stuff. My 1966 and 1970 baseball sets are about 85% complete, and someday I will resume finishing those sets.

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