Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bob Costas interviewing Dick Allen on MLB

Earlier tonight, I was watching Bob Costas' Studio 42 interview show on the MLB Network. His guest was Dick Allen, who is surprisingly soft-spoken. Mixed in with studio chatter was video of Allen's highlights, as well as comments from Willie Mays, Cookie Rojas, and Stan Hochman (a Philadelphia sportswriter since 1959).

Some topics:

- Allen is friends to this day with Frank Thomas.
- He doesn't blame Gene Mauch for 1964's collapse.
- His off-field antics and in-game scrawling in the dirt were designed to get him shipped out of Philly.
- He was the first black player to play for the minor-league team in Little Rock AR, and took much abuse there.

These shows are usually replayed often [at least the McCarver episode was! :( ] Phillies fans should check it out.


MattR said...

I DVR this show. I'm looking forward to seeing this segment. :)

Jim said...

I caught the end of the interview, but I'll DVR a repeat.

I thought it was interesting that he clearly believes Robin Roberts is the greatest all-time Phillie, and not Mike Schmidt.

Jim from Downingtown said...


It's probably relative to Allen's time: Robin Roberts was a Phillie great when Allen was a kid, so he probably looks up to (respects?) Roberts more than he does Schmidt.

(For example, I think Hank Aaron was a better homerun hitter than Barry Bonds.)