Tuesday, December 27, 2011

1967 Scrapbook - Mantle, Ford, Mays

Today I'm starting a new series called "1967 Scrapbook". A few months ago, I found a baseball scrapbook I had made in 1967, containing photos that I clipped from the Philadelphia sports pages that summer. Most of the photos are from the previous night's Phillies game, with the exception of the two photos in this first installment.



The back of the Willie Mays photo may be more interesting than the front. Here, not only do we see Mets' rookie pitcher Tom Seaver helping his wife with the grocery shopping, but on the far left, there's a picture of Phillies' farmhand Lowell Palmer, for once photographed without his trademark sunglasses.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

1960s Blog Hall of Fame (#1)

Welcome to the first 1960s Hall of Fame balloting. (Yes, I ripped off this idea from White Sox Cards, and tailored it to my blog.)

To jump start the membership, for this first ballot, vote for 1 player at each position (except for 3 outfielders, 4 starting pitchers, 2 relievers, and 2 managers). To keep things organized, there is a separate poll for each position.

Subsequent ballots will have all nominees combined on one ballot, and only those getting a certain percentage of votes will be elected.

Voting will continue until January 15th, at which time the winners will have their plaques (a/k/a baseball cards) featured together in a montage post.

Unlike all other halls of fame, balloting will probably occur more than once a year (mainly because I'm impatient). Use the comments to suggest other nominees for future ballots.

Have at it!