Tuesday, January 16, 2018

RIP - Bob Bailey

Former Pirates, Dodgers, and Expos 3rd baseman Bob Bailey passed away on January 9, 2018 at age 75.

Bailey played for 17 seasons: 1962-66 with the Pirates, 1967-68 with the Dodgers (exchanged for Maury Wills), and 1969-75 with the Expos. He also played briefly with the Reds and Red Sox from 1976-78.

After his playing career, he was a hitting instructor and minor-league manager from 1979-87.

Montreal Gazette obituary

Dodgers Insider obituary

Long Beach Press-Telegram obituary


Fireblossom said...

Bailey stunk for the Dodgers. They basically gave him to Montreal. But he was a good on-base guy with a little power.

Jim from Downingtown said...


How nice that you chose an obituary post to rip a player!

The Dodgers traded an over-the-hill Maury Wills for Bailey and rookie SS Gene Michael. Bailey was a backup, and Michael only lasted 1 season with LA. Blame the Dodgers for this deal - one of several during this time that backfired. A year later, they traded 2 good relievers (Ron Perranoski and Bob Miller) and their starting catcher to the Twins for Jim Grant (who did very little and was gone in the expansion draft after 1 year) and Zoilo Versalles (who was an outright bust). "Zorro" was selected by the Padres in the expansion draft, and even THEY didn't keep him!

Kin said...

I've always chuckled a bit about Bob Bailey cards. When I first started collecting, my parents bought my cards and Becketts from a small neighborhood grocery owned by a very nice gentleman of the same name.