Saturday, July 29, 2017

1960s Blog Hall of Fame (#9)

It's time for another 1960s Blog Hall of Fame Election.

Last year Orlando Cepeda was the lone inductee, joining the other 27 members in the Hall. Two players received less than 15% of the vote and were dropped from the ballot, leaving 7 returning candidates this time:

Jim Bunning
Rod Carew
Curt Flood
Jim Fregosi
Ferguson Jenkins
Roger Maris
Billy Williams

Added to the ballot this time is Tigers' pitcher Denny McLain, returning for a second chance* after missing the cut on the inaugural ballot.

Here is the voting history for all the current candidates:

As always, use the sidebar poll to vote for up to half (this time 4) of the players on the ballot. The poll will close on August 31st, and those receiving at least 75% of the votes will be inducted.

In addition to using the poll, I encourage everyone to leave comments about their selections or thought processes, to hopefully spark some discussion about these players. But do not use the comments as a means to vote, because I am only counting the votes in the actual poll widget, since there is no way to know if a vote in the comments is instead of, or in addition to, the poll.

* Long-time voters may remember that the first election included over 60 names, with only the top vote-getter per position inducted regardless of anyone's voting percentage.  With a wide-open field, most voters flocked to the biggest names, leaving many worthy candidates with less than the 15% needed to be retained.  For example, Lou Brock received no votes the first time, but was later reinstated to the ballot and inducted into the Hall (as were Al Kaline and Carl Yastrzemski).

The rules were changed after the 1st time, to be in more line with traditional voting rules. No "second chances" will be given to players missing the cut under the new rules applied beginning with ballot #2.

Click on the "hall of fame ballot" label below to see the results of all previous elections.

1 comment:

Jim from Downingtown said...

3rd voter: Roger Maris, Jim Bunning, Curt Flood.

Maris – I have never been a Yankees fan, but have always had a soft spot for Mantle & Maris. I think the MLB HOF voters have sold him short. I’ve voted for Roger every time here.

Bunning – Star pitcher for the Tigers (1957-63) and Phillies (1964-67). 7-time All-star won 20 games once and 19 games 5 times. Frequently among league leaders in strikeouts. I voted for Bunning all but the first 2 times.

Flood – Cardinals’ center fielder for 12 seasons, winning the Gold Glove in his last 7 seasons. Played in 3 World Series in the 1960s. Hit over .300 6 times, finished with .293 batting average. I think the HOF has given him the shaft due to his late-career controversy.