Sunday, February 2, 2014

Latest Card Haul

I was planning on this next post being another episode in my quest for 1964 Topps Giant baseball cards, as I was returning to the same store where I made 3 previous purchases. Alas, when I started looking through the display case, only Pete Ward (who I already have) was there, so I turned my attention to other 1960s-vintage cards.

I always keep a small want list of 1966 and 1970 cards in my wallet, because I never know when I'll need it. Today it came in handy, as I scored a high-numbered 1966 Senators Rookies card that I needed. I also upgraded my '66 Dave McNally, which I had posted to my 1966 blog a few weeks ago.

I only wish I had a portable want list for the '64 and '65 cards, because I had no idea who I needed (especially the '64s). I didn't really intend to work on those 2 sets, but these excellent-condition cards were dirt-cheap, so I couldn't pass them up. I just selected a bunch of guys that I never heard of before, plus Dick Williams, Birdie Tebbetts, and the trophy-laden Al Weis, which I knew I didn't have. For the '65s, I was pretty sure I didn't have Farrell, Pinson, and Demeter.

On the football side, there were too many to pick from, so I chose two 1965 Philadelphia Gum Cards: Tony Liscio (Rayfield Wright's predecessor at offensive tackle), and Ben Wilson. I knew of Wilson from watching Super Bowl II highlights on cable. He had a monster day moving the chains for the Packers that day, on their way to a 2nd consecutive SB championship. Almost all of my pre-1967 football cards are Philadelphia Eagles, so this is a new direction for my football card collecting.

This represents the first base-set baseball cards I've purchased since November 2010 (except for the 1970 Seattle Pilots team card, shown in this recent post on the 1969 Pilots). Since then, I've only been getting '64 giant cards, coins, and early-1960s Philadelphia Eagles' cards.

Maybe this will push me to expand my '65 and '64 baseball sets.


Commishbob said...

They turned Mel Queen into a pitcher like his Daddy. He had a nice year or two as I recall. I remember a Sport Magazine article in which Sammy Ellis said he wrote "Think" on his glove to remind him to do just that while pitching. I thought that was cool so I did it too.

Ben Wilson bought into some McDonald's franchises around SE Texas including the one next to the University of Houston campus. When I was living there we'd see him in there working the breakfast register all the time.

That McNally is about my favorite McNally card. I don't recognize the background though. That's a home uni but it is certainly not Memorial Stadium. Must be a spring training shot.

I put my wantlist into an Excel spreadsheet and upload it to Dropbox. I can see it from my phone or iPad any time and it's automatically updated when I update the file on my desktop computer.

Jim from Downingtown said...

Hi Bob!

I thought the '67 McNally was my favorite (as it was my 1st of his cards), but I like his '66 card better.

(Turns out, I already had the '64 Dick Williams and '65 Turk Farrell.)

Speaking of Orioles' uniforms, do you like that giant bird shoulder patch on Paul Blair's 1966 card (in his RIP post, further down in this blog)?

Commishbob said...

Jim, I really do like the sleeve patch. That has to be a spring training shot from early in Blair's career because the O's didn't use that patch after 1963 in the regular season. They always did use old unis in the spring.