Saturday, August 31, 2013

1960s' Players from the Philadelphia, PA Area

Mostly for my fellow Philly-area bloggers:

Recently, while composing my 1967 Lew Krausse post, I got sidetracked on other baseball players who were from my area. Here are those from the 1960s era:

The most famous is probably Reggie Jackson. Jax (his nickname before "Mr. October") was born in nearby Abington, and went to Cheltenham High School, just north of the border. (Also born in Abington, and attending Council Rock HS was Phillies' early-70s' SS Craig Robinson.) While I'm still north of the city, Pete Cimino (although born in Philly) attended Bristol High School, where he once scored 114 points in a basketball game (still a Pennsylvania state record).

Venturing into the city we come to Eddie Stanky and Pat Kelly. Stanky was from the Kensington area, and went to Edison HS. His nickname "The Brat from Kensington" was eventually shortened to "The Brat". Kelly (brother of Cleveland Browns' HOF running back Leroy Kelly) went to Simon Gratz HS, whose alumni included Roy Campanella.

Still in Philly, we have Al Spangler and Lee Elia. Besides both playing for the Cubs, they both went to Olney High School in Philadelphia. Neither one is the most accomplished baseball player from Olney High. (That would be ex-Phillies' outfielder Del Ennis.)

Moving southward into Delaware County, we have fellow Chester High School alumni Danny Murtaugh and Lew Krausse. Danny was born in Chester, while Lew was born in Media (which I assume means Riddle Hospital, across the street from Granite Run Mall - for you card-show buffs). Krausse was a high school phenom, which I described in his 1967 card post.

Northwest of the city is Pottstown, PA, the hometown of both Bobby Shantz and Dave Ricketts. They both went to Pottstown High School, and both had brothers who also played in the majors.

Over into New Jersey, Al Downing and Bill Dillman both hail from Trenton, the state capital.

Northern Delaware is the home of Dallas Green (Newport) and Dave May (New Castle).

Now, where is my EZ-Pass?

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Steve F. said...

When Reggie Jackson was a senior at Cheltenham High, there was a freshman there by the name of Benjamin Netanyahu. I wonder if they ever crossed paths. Maybe Reggie gave Bibi a wedgie at some point....