Monday, July 29, 2013

RIP - George Scott

Long-time Red Sox' and Brewers' slugger George "Boomer" Scott passed away on 7/28/2013 at age 69, in Greenville, MS (also his birthplace).

Scott played for the Red Sox from 1966-71, supplying power as a slugging 1st baseman (although he was the team's regular 3rd baseman for parts of '69 and '70).

After the 1971 season, George and FIVE other players were dealt to the Brewers for 3 major-league players and a minor-leaguer.  After 5 seasons as Milwaukee's 1st-sacker, he returned to Boston for 2 1/2 years, then wrapped up 1979 (and his career) with the Royals and Yankees.

Besides leading the AL in home runs and RBI in 1975, Scott also won 8 Gold Glove awards during his career.

Boston Globe obituary

from CBS Sports


Douglas said...

I have a copy of The Complete Handbook of Baseball from some year when George played. In his bio, it described him as "Just a big puppy dog who just wants to be loved". That phrase always stuck with me, and I often use about myself. George, I hope you found the love you were looking for. RIP

Jim from Downingtown said...

Well said, Douglas.

Hey, when are you going to launch your '72 Topps blog? After 3 years, it looks like the other guy (MMayes) isn't coming back.

Douglas said...

I could start something up, I have about 60 profiles written. It's a start at least. I have some questions about going about it. I'll email you. Doug