Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Phillies schedules from the 1960s

I found these recently while cleaning out a junk drawer in my house:

Note to Fidelity Bank: The Phillies wear red, not blue.

This is the home schedule only. My 1st Phillies game was one of the late-May games against the Reds.

Here we see the Phillies' broadcast crew from 1963-70. In 1971, the Phillies switched beer sponsors from Ballantine to Schmidts. The Schmidts' people thought that since Bill Campbell had been a Ballantine spokesperson, he would have to go. He was replaced by Harry Kalas at the start of the 1971 season. A few years later, By Saam was replaced by Andy Musser.

The first season at Veterans Stadium.

The Eagles' 1968 schedule. (I wonder about the Eagles' definition of "championship").

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Jim said...

Very cool . . . Thanks for sharing these!